The Maharlikan Blue

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July 7, 2021

The current flag of the Philippines came from the group of Emilio Aguinaldo who divided it into three main colors=

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. White

Philippine Flag

Metaphysically, this manifests as the divisions between Filipinos. Instead of unity, each Filipino associates with his own tribe or dialect such as Tagalog, Bisaya, Tausug, Ilocano, etc.

To unify Filipnos, we propose a Maharlikan flag made up of=

  1. 1 golden sun with 8 rays - This represents the Supreme Entity, whether as God, Allah, Brahma, etc. It has eight rays representing the eight Maharlikan virtues that come from the Supreme. This is different from the rays of the Philippine flag which represents the 8 provinces that revolted against Spain. The gold represents the highest value that we attach to the Supreme and the virtues.
  2. 3 golden stars - This represents Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao which likewise have a high value, but less bright than the supreme
  3. A royal blue background - This represents the high morals of Maharlika, which complement and support the virtues

Maharlika Flag

The stars are on the right side so that they will be beneath the sun when the flag is hung.

Maharlika Flag Vertical

For example, the Maharlikan flag focuses on the sun and the eight virtues when hung from Congress so that lawmakers can make laws that are in line with morality.

Batasan Flag

In a future post, we will disuss our proposed Maharlikan language which is a combination of=

  1. Tagalog
  2. Bisaya
  3. Bahasa
  4. English
  5. Minor Philippine dialects


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