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Maharlikanism is Different from the Maharlika of Marcos Icon

July 7, 2021

Ferdinand Marcos was the dictator who used Maharlika for nationalist or political purposes, as part of his utopian Bagong Lipunan (New Society). This includes naming his projects as Maharlika:

  • Maharlika Hall is the reception area of the Malacanang Palace
  • Maharlika Highway is a major road network
  • Maharlika Village is a Muslim village created by Marcos in 1974 for the army and Moro elite

Our version of Maharlika is totally different. It’s for cultural*, historical, and economic purposes, meant to re-unite the country with the culture of Asia and leave most of the foreign European culture.

This urgent necessity of this shift is caused by the inceasing problems in physical health and mental health caused by European (and Arab) culture which is incompatible with island life.

  • Filipino food is full of heavy meats which are suitable to cold European climates and not to the hot tropics
  • Catholicism and Islam are best for temperate Europe and barren Arabia respectively. Fertile Maharlika is better matched with Asian philosophies such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.
    • An example is Bali Indonesia which has kept its Hindu culture. This makes it a magnet for tourists who avoid unfriendly Islamic areas like Aceh. This raises Bali’s GDP, preventing poverty
    • Another example is Buddhist Thailand which excels in hospitality as the land of smiles
    • A Hindu-Buddhist Maharlika will complement not only its tourism, but also its industry and services. It’s more marvelous in Maharlika!


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