Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Aether

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January 1, 2020

Our Five Layers are derived from the Five Elements of the Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese. Such a concept is absent in science because science came from the Western civilization which is really just the Roman Empire.

The Western Limitation

Physics came from Isaac Newton* who came up with classical mechanics to explain why 17th-century things move. For example, a falling apple immediately includes three of the four forces:

  1. Strong force to keep the apple’s identity
  2. Gravitational force to make the apple fall
  3. Electromagnetism for the apple to repel the Earth and not fall through the soil

*Newton’s Principia is written in Latin, the language of the Roman Empire

Newton was very good at math and so he naturally had zero knowledge of metaphysics*. This is why he couldn’t find the cause of gravity.

Surely the skilled mathematician is not a dialectician. Socrates, The Republic Book 7
But I have not been able to discover the cause of gravity from phenomena. I have no hypotheses because hypotheses have no place in experimental philosophy.. To me, it is enough that gravity exists and that it accounts for all the motions of the the celestial bodies, and of our sea. Newton, Principia Mathematica Book 3, General Scholium

*This is because the operation of the mind when doing math and philosophy are different

Over time, physicists classified these forces into a four-force model:

  1. Strong
  2. Weak
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Gravitation

Physicists are dumbfounded at the mysteries of gravitation which is supposed to be explained by Einstein’s General Relativity (GR). The problem is that they don’t know that GR is a sophistry that traps Physics* within Electromagnetism and away from gravitation.

*The concept of quantum fields comes from magnetic fields which is a property of the Electromagnetic force and not the gravitational force which works on relationships between discrete identities

As proof, physicists concede that they will never be able to solve GR .

*We break down Einstein’s sophistry set by step by going through his logic in his book Relativity

The Asian Model

Superphysics breaks through this barrier that Einstein created by tapping into the knowledge of the civilizations outside of the Roman Empire. Unknown to many, those civlizations, such as the ancient Greeks, Indians, and Chinese all follow a five-force model:

Greeks (Timaeus) Hindus Chinese Shape
Aether (dodecahedron) Akasha 水 still water
Wind (octahedron) Vayu 木 moving wood
Fire (tetrahedron) Tejas 火 radiant fire
Water (icosahedron) Jala 土 transforming earth
Earth (cube) Pritvi 金 solid metal

We group all the understandings of the Romans, Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese under the five-model Superphysics classification of Aether, Space, Radiance, Radioactivity, and Matter:

Rank Name Greek-Hindu Chinese Physics Force Superphysics Force Force Carrier Resulting particles in Superphysics Pythagorean Note
0 Metaphysical Metaphysics ? Pseudo-science Yang Yin Soul The One, Brahma, Tao Octave
1 Aethereal Aether, Akasha 水 (still water) Pseudo-science Creative force Thought (effective qoa or idea) qoa or quantum of aether La
2 Spatial Air, Vayu 木 (moving wood) Gravity Gravity Schwarzchild Radius (qost or graviton) qost or quantum of spacetime Sol
3 Radiant Fire, Tejas 水 (expanding fire) Electromagnetism Male-Female force Photon (qol) qoe, qol Mi
4 Radioactive Water, Jala 土 (changing earth) Weak Radioactive force W Z Bosons (qor) qor or quantum of radioactivity Re
5 Material Earth, Pritvi 金 (solid metal) Strong Nuclear force Gluons (effective qom) qom (quarks) Do

The five layers solve the mysteries of quantum physics (which is based on the radiant or electromagnetic layer) by extending human knowledge onto the higher gravitational (spatial) and aethereal layers.

Five layers of Superphysics

These layers are immediately implementable in healthcare. For example, Ayurveda has the three doshas (three layers) and Traditional Chinese medicine has wu xing (five layers).

Western medicine only works on the material layer which is the crudest of the five. This explains why Western medicine has no solution to mental problems, which reside in the aethereal and spatial layers, such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, addiction, mass shootings, and terrorism.

Instead, Western medicine is very good at material health problems that can be cured by physical surgery or masked by chemical medicines.

The Octave vs the Pentatonic Scale

Each of these layers has a sound which represents the wave of that layer. This manifests as the five-tones of the Chinese and the ‘diapente’ of Pythagoras, as Do Re Mi Sol La.

  • Sol is the Greek Sol for the sun
  • La is Greek for ‘milk’ which became the name of the Milky Way galaxy, as their universe

The totality of the universe, combining the physical and metaphysical, have eight tones as the octave of the Greeks and the Bagua of the Chinese.

By checking a patient’s pulse, the traditional chinese doctor checks the wave of that person through his own feelings. Likewise, the homeopath checks this wave through the electrical current that he runs through his patient.

This sound or wave system is the only way to judge and measure the aethereal layer, as well as give the complete picture of the spatial layer. This is because light and sight are useless in the invisible aethereal layer and not 100% useful in the spatial layer.

For example, Galileo demonstrated that two objects with different weights visually fall to the ground at the same time, at the same speed. However, those two objects make different sounds. The difference of their resulting sounds then will indicate the differences in the nature of their qost, Schwarzchild radius, or graviton.

The next post will apply the five layers to fix Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity so that space travel can free itself of the shackles of light and allow both teleportation and fusion