Electromagnetism in Physics, Spreading through space

The Radiant Layer of Superphysics Icon

January 29, 2020

The radiant layer is the third layer in the universe. It manifests as energies that spread out in space at the speed limit of spacetime (known to physics as the speed of light).

It manifests as light, magnetism, and electricity.

A lightbulb turned on

In terms of creation, this layer is the third layer that spreads across the space created by the spacetime layer.

Name Traditional Name Force Particle Quantum
Radiant Fire Electromagentism Electron, Photon, etc Quantum of electricity or Qoe, Quantum of light or Qol

Unlike the spacetime layer that has a very large space of influence, this layer has a limited space to influence, which manifests as ‘fields’. The error of physicists is in extending this field dynamics upwards onto the spacetime layer, as Quantum fields.

This leads to absurd concepts like singularity, which is a physical location that defies the laws of physicality.


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