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January 1, 2020

Light, as analog waves, carry more data as “R-O-Y-G-B-I-V” than electrons that can only carry digital binary data as “ON-OFF” at a time. This analog light data can then be absorbed by glass or semiconductor crystals to be processed by normal computer logic.

This principle was recently proven to be realizable in Germany . In their experiment, intense light pulses of waves ranging from near-infrared to visible orange were used to generate oscillating currents in a chip made with gallium arsenide. The chip then emitted terahertz radiation from the oscillations.

This tapping onto the dynamic wave-nature of light is a marked advancement over the use of lasers which are of a fixed or single wavelength. Examples of the latter technologies are:

Examples or precusors of dynamic wavelength technologies are:

Why Light-based Computing is Important to Superphysics

The lofty goals and solutions of Superphysics are best achieved through the use of machine learing and automated intelligence which will manifest as ISAIAH :

Branch Goal ISAIAH Feature
Material Superphysics Levitation of objects Navigate
Medical Superphysics Prediction of Disease Risk Doctor
Social Superphysics Supply and Demand Match


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