The Market Equilibrium Fallacy

Did you know equlibrium is a mercantilist fallacy that was denounced by philosophers in the 18th century? Yet it was established in the 19th century by the Marginal Revolution. This then caused so many Panics, which led to World War I, and Recessions, the most famous of which was the Great Depression which led to World War II.

The Four Laws of Value and Four Kinds of Prices

To prevent economic disorder, we correct the mistakes of Economics by introducing he Four Laws of Value derived from Adam Smith. In line with Superphysics, Pantrynomics sees value as a wave and price as a particle

The First Law of Value: Nominal Value

The First Law of Value states that everything has some importance, as a nominal value.

The Second Law of Value: The Invisible Hand of Dharma as Real Value

The Second Law states that real value emerges from nominal value and is maximized by following one's true interests or true nature or dharma. Unlike Economics which imposes the interests of others, Pantrynomics encourages everyone to know true interest or purpose of their lives that has value to society

The Third Law of Value: Fair Exchange as Market Value

The Third Law of Value states that value is circulated through the economy through fair exchanges.

The Fourth Law of Value: Economic Balance as Natural Prices

The Fourth Law of Value states that economc balance must be maintained to allow natural prices and prevent the economy from being too unequal or unsustainable

The Invisible Hand of the Tao or Dharma

A crisis-proof economic system isn't based on static equilibrium or marginal pricing. Instead, it's based on the true nature of reality, which Socrates calls true nature, the Chinese call the Tao, and the Hindus call dharma."

Basic Universal Revenue

The moneyless system is implemented as a points-for-food system that creates wealth by tapping the unemployed. This leads to full employment even during a financial or economic crisis

Alternatives to Money as Store of Value

Economics uses money both as a store of value and tool of trade. Pantrynomics uses three tools--money, points, and barter--in order to have more avenues of wealth creation and less chance of circulation blockage. This then makes financial crises and debt slavery obsolete

ISAIAH: Impartial Spectator Automated Intelligence Aggregation Host

The money and moneyless transactions are visualized by artificial intelligence (AI) in order to guide policymakers and the public on the real-price trends. AI also administers the Clearing Funds which are the proposed investment system that complements bonds.

Stop the burning!

Want to end the Corona virus? End the war against the Amazon

The economic decline in 2020 came from the corona virus which came from the war against the Amazon which began in 2019. This is similar to the Spanish flu which came with World War I and ended after that war ended, and the Black Death which came with the Mongol Conquest. Therefore, ending the destruction of the Amazon, whether by force through NATO or by sanctions, is the best and cheapest way to end the virus. Without it, the virus will merely mutate, rendering current vaccines less effective while further reducing economies.

Time it takes for the dialectical method to come up with a solution to Covid

90 days

Time it takes for the scientfic method to come up with a solution to Covid

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