Chapter 11

Sunda (Western Java)

January 25, 2022
Activity Method
Trade Barter

The kingdom of Sunda (Sinto) has a harbor with a depth of 60 feet.

People live along the shores wit houses made of poles stuck in the ground, roofed over with the bark of the coir-palm. The partitions are made with wooden boards tied with rattan.

Both men and women wrap round their

cutting their hair they only leave loins a piece of cotton, and in half an inch long. (of this country) is

The country produces:

  • pepper
  • pumpkins
  • sugar-cane
  • bottle-gourds
  • beans and egg-plants

Its pepper are small-grained, but heavy and superior to that of Tapan (Eastern Java).

It has no regular government. This causes people to be criminals which then drives away foreign traders.

12. Lamuri Sumatra

Lamuri (Kienpi) is at the the mouth of the road and is resorted to by trading ships as an anchorage. It can be reached from Palembang in half a month’s sailing.

It was a dependency of Palembang before. But after a fight, it set up its own king.

It exports:

  • tin
  • elephants’ tusks
  • pearls

The people are fond of archery and boast of the number of people that they have killed.

5 days journey from there is Sri Lanka.


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