Chapter 17

Northern India

January 21, 2022
Activity Method
Trade Barter

Gujarat (Huchala under Chalukya)

Gujarat’s capital has a four-fold wall and rules over 100 cities.

Its people are white and clean looking. Both men and women wear double rings hanging down from holes in their ears. They wear close fitting clothes with a cotton sarong wrapped around them.

On wear white hoods their heads they They are forbidden leather.

and on their feet shoes of red to eat flesh. There are 4,000 Buddhist temple buildings, in which live over twenty thousand dancing-girls (]^) who sing twice daily while offering food to the Buddha (i. e., the idols) and while offering flowers. When offering flowers they tie hundred them in catties every bunches with cotton thread, of which they use three day

There are over 400 war-elephants and about 100,000 cavalry horses.

When the king goes about he rides au elephant; on his head he wears a cap. His followers ride horseback and carry swords. The native products comprise great quantities of indigo, red kino, myrobolans and foreign cotton stuffs of every colour. Every year these goods are transported to the Ta-shi countries for sale.

18. Malwa, Punjab

Malwa (Malohua) is next to Gujarat. It has over 60 cities and land routes.

The manner of dressing and the local customs are the same as those of Gujarat.

Its main product is white cotton.

Every year, 2,000 oxen, or more, laden with cotton stuffs are sent over the roads to other countries to barter.


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