Chapter 30

Ctesophon Parthia (Paita)

January 14, 2022

Ctesophon is the greatest metropolis of the Arabs.

It is 130 days land journey from Malopo, passing through 50 cities,

Ctesophon is extremely powerful and large, and the number of soldiers and cavalry armed and equipped is very great.

Their king is a direct successor of Mohammad, through 29 generations of 600-700 years.

No Arab country has dared invade Ctesophon.

When the king appears in public, he is covered by a black umbrella. Its handle is of gold and on the top is a jade lion with a golden moon on its back, shining like a star from afar.

The towns and markets are cut by well-made streets. The people live lavishly.

«The other lands of the Ta-shi have waged war against each have dared to invade this country». 15 him); to it ^ streets, and the people There is a great store of precious things and of satins. There is little rice, fish, and vegetables. The people eat cakes, meat and sulo butter.

Its products are:

  • gold and silver
  • engraved high quality glassware
  • white yue-no cloth
  • liquid storax

The people like to wear turbans and clothes of fine snow-white cotton. Every seven days, they cut their hair and nails, and five times daily they pray.

They are Muslims. The Caliphs are the descendants of the Prophet, and are foreigners visit to give them honor.

31. Pissilo

When the lord of Pissilo shows himself in public, he is accompanied by more than 1,000 mounted retainers in full iron armor, the officers wearing coats of mail. He receives the orders of Iraq.

The people eat baked meal cakes, and mutton. Their almanac is correct in terms of the hot and cold seasons of the year. But they do not use the lunar calendar.

Its products are:

  • camels
  • sheep
  • dates

Kishi and Oman send trading parties annually here.


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