Chapter 32-33


January 13, 2022

32. Ghazni (Kitzini)

Ghazni is reached from Malopa in 120 stages.

It is in the northwest of Guanzhou and is exceptionally cold. The winter’s snow does not melt until the spring.

It is surrounded by high mountains. The city wall is cut out of the mountains, around 200 li square surrounded by water.

It has 200 mosques.

The people are well-off. They live in houses 5-6 storeys high.

There is a lot of camel and horse breeding.

The people eat cakes, meat, and julo but little fish and rice.

They drink cow’s milk mixed with water.

until the spring. This country is mountains, and the city wall It has little fish and rice. They also use of a mixture of cow’s milk and water as an habitual beverage'.

The king’s arms reach down to below his knees.

He has 100 chargers, every one 6 feet tall, also some dozen head of mules, three 30 feet bow high, which, on excursions, he rides alternately with the horses. His pulls several piculs, so that five or seven ordinary When he is

The Arabs and the West fear him.

soil the people of the all are gold, silver, colours storax, men cannot on horseback, he carries an iron mace weighing wu-ming-i ym-no cloth, West fear

products of the gold brocade, camel’s hair stuffs in and mo-so stones it. full 50 catties. him The J^), engraved opaque glass

string all liquid1

33. Herat (Wussili)

Herat has many rocky mountains. In autumn, there falls a heavy dew, which, under the action of the sun’s rays, hardens into a substance like powdered sugar.

This is gathered and is a a sweet, pleasant tasting food with purifying and cooling properties. It is real kanlu.

found in the mountains of this country a tree which grows 20 wild, and which the first year hears chestnuts The next year grow on it. called pulu

Asbestos cloth and coral are native products.


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