Chapters 11-12

Part 7: The Parts of the Brahma Icon

September 22, 2021

Chapter 11: The Aether

The 30 spokes of a wheel unite in the one hub. A wheel’s usefulness is in this empty space in the hub.

Clay is made into pots. A pot’s usefulness is in its empty hollowness.

An apartment has its door and windows cut out from the walls. An apartment’s usefulness is in the empty space inside it.

Therefore, what is empty is useful, what is not empty is to be worked on.

Chapter 12: The Five Elements= Aether plus the Four Fundamental Forces of the Standard Model of Physics

1 The tao has five elements derived from the perceptions of those who are created by the tao. Analogies are:

  • Color having five hues from the nature of the eyes
  • Music having five notes from the nature of the ears
  • Tastes having five flavours from the nature of the mouth

These perceptions seduce the mind and make it hunt wastefully for rare and new perceptions.

2 Therefore, the sage seeks to satisfy limit the desire for the deceptions of the tao. He prefers the essentials and not the infinity of such perceptions.