Chapters 75-77

Part 16= Taonomics

September 13, 2021

Chapter 75: Economic Policy

1 The people suffer from famine because of the multitude of taxes consumed by their superiors.

2 The people are difficult to govern because of the excessive agency of their superiors in governing them.

3 The people make light of dying because of the greatness of their labours in seeking for the means of living. It is this which makes them think light of dying. Thus, it is that to leave the subject of living altogether out of view is better than to set a high value on it.

Chapter 77= The Invisible Hand of the Tao

1 The Way (or Tao) of Heaven can be compared to the bending a bow. The part of the bow which was high is lowered. The part which was low is raised up.

Likewise, Heaven reduces where there is superabundance, and supplements where there is deficiency.

2 It is the Way of Heaven to reduce superabundance and to supplement deficiency. It is not so with the way of man. He takes away from those who have not enough to add to his own superabundance.

3 Who can take his own superabundance and use it to serve all under heaven? Only he who is in possession of the Tao!

4 Therefore, the ruling sage acts without claiming the results as his. He achieves his merit and does not rest arrogantly in it. He does not wish to display his superiority.