Chapter 4 of The Economist

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September 28, 2015

Boring Office and Routine Jobs are not Recomended


But why do you need to illustrate all the sciences, Socrates?

It would not be very easy to discover efficient craftsmen of all the arts, and quite impossible to become skilled in all one’s self. So please, confine yourself to the nobler branches of knowledge that I can focus on.

A good suggestion, Critobulus.

The base mechanic arts

  • have got a bad name
  • are reasonably held in ill repute by civilised communities because they ruin the health of those who work in them, workers and overseers alike. They are forced to sit and hug the loom or crouch a whole day confronting a furnace.

The physical enervation enfeebles the soul. The demand which these base mechanic arts makes on the time of those employed in them leaves them no leisure to devote to the claims of friendship and the state.

They necessarily become sorry friends and ill defenders of the fatherland. In some states, especially the warlike ones, no citizen is allowed to exercise any mechanical craft at all. {{ /l }}


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