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December 6, 2021

The year 2021 is nearly over and along with it the experiences of the year:

  • The Delta variant is giving way to the Omicron
  • The stagnation of 2020 is giving way to inflation, exactly as predicted by our model
  • The conflict with China and Russia is slowly building up

This is fully in line with our dialectical* model that predicted this crisis back in 2015 . According to it, the next crisis for the next few years would be a currency crisis, as a natural effect of the current stagnation. Things will get a lot worse for many years before they get better.

*Socratic dialectics is the combination of metaphysics and science. This is different from the mainstream definition of dialectics which came from German philosophers like Kant, Hegel, Marx and Engels. For example, predictive oracles are consistent with Socratic dialectics but are totally absurd to mainstream dialectics.

The original prediction in 2015 (from the model made in 2012) was that a crisis was supposed to spark in Q1 2018 which will start a stagflation process by 2019. This spark would be small. Back in 2015, we were looking at the following possibilities:

  1. A tiny* country like Greece sparking a global financial crisis a second time. This is why we prototyped a free trade system that allowed foreign trade even without money
  2. A tiny thing called Bitcoin or cryptocurrency creating a financial crisis. A precedent is the ‘flash crash’. For this, we prototyped Points Banking that allowed used points as a store of value
  3. A tiny incident in the Middle East sparking a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. A precedent is the Yom-Kipur war. For this, we made a Disaster Relief app
  4. A tiny fungus that affects grain that would cause a global food crisis. A precedent is potato blight that caused the Irish Famine. For this, we made an Agricultural app

*The ’tiny-ness’ of the spark for the crisis is explained by Adam Smith . The concept is known as ’the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ and is similar to the ‘butterfly effect’. However, the butterfly effect is not so accurate because it is not based on patterns and is just based on chance.

The spark turned out to be tiny Covid-19 which sparked in Q4 2019, 7 quarters away from our original prediction. This led to our Health app prototype in Q2 2020.

According to the model, that spark would cause a long, drawn out global stagflation, climaxing in some kind of conflict, similar to how the Crash of 1929 led to a Great Depression which ended up as World War II. The first years would seem dire, but are actually better than the years to follow.

After the crisis years are over, then things become happier than before the crisis years, since the job of the crisis years was to remove the prevailing human dogmas that caused so much suffering not only for humans but also for plants and animals. This is similar to how the European Union came about from the horrors of World War II.


This pattern is distinctly a European one that was spread onto the world through colonization. China and Taiwan largely escaped colonization and kept their own mentality and are consequently not so affected by Covid.

Covid Brings the Change We Need

The arrival of Omicron isn’t surprising because it proves the universe works as predicted. Actually, the model predicted it to come from Indonesia or Malaysia in ASEAN as a mutation of the Delta variant by Q4 2021. Its emergence in Botswana-South Africa leads to a hypothesis that Covid came from a Covid star .

The dialectical solution to Covid is to stop the war against the Amazon rainforest through two major policies:

  1. An embargo the Amazon rainforest and later those in Indonesia and Africa
  2. A super-massive reforestation global as reparations for the damage done, as well as to reverse climate change

This solves two problems – Covid and global warming – at the same time. This solution is sourced not from intellect, which is what the West excels in, but from fellow-feeling with the suffering of Nature, which is what Asia excels in.

Vaccines Actually Prolong Covid

Currently, Western intellect thinks that vaccines are the solution. Policymakers think that by vaccinating 70% of the population, the virus will have less hosts for spreading.

The problem is that such a scientific model probably came from measles or smallpox data . Measles isn’t spread if it enters a vaccinated person. Unfortunately for science, the nature* of Covid is different – it can still replicate and spread through fully vaccinated people.

*The most important step in Socratics dialectics is to know the metaphysical nature of things. Science avoids metaphysics and so it can never arrive at solutions. For example, antibiotics kill bacteria but also weaken the blood. Chemotheraphy might kill cancer, but also can kill the person.

So the scientific solution is to keep on vaccinating 90% of the total global population every 6 months or so, or with every new variant. Through this, they hope that the virus stop mutating by lessening the viral load and reducing the chance of virus replication.

Vaccines prolong the virus by giving a false solution*. People then divert their policies, funding, and energy into it and away from the real solution stated above. According to our model, Covid could have ended by Q3 2020 if the solution were implemented. this is around the same length of time that it took for SARS and MERS to disappear.

*A shallow reader might think that Superphysics is anti-vaccination. In reality, Superphysics is pro-vaccination just as it is pro-alternative medicine. The issue here is the excessive dependence on a certain tool, similar to a person who uses a calculator to add simple numbers instead of using his own brain.

Vaccines are a great workaround just like a liquid or putty sealant is a great workaround to a leaky roof. The proper solution is to replace the roof just as the solution to Covid is the replacement of the selfish-feeling that humans are rulers of the planet.

Sticking to vaccines as the only solution is similar to applying a sealant everyday to keep the roof from leaking. It requires a constant daily expense that could have been avoided by a single, one-time large expense of replacing the roof.

Humans will figure it out eventually

Last year, we predicted that new variants will keep on emerging. People will likely change course when they get tired of all the effort and lockdowns done without achieving any progress.

This is the attrition done by Nature as its counterattack in the human war against the Amazon rainforest. In this war, the humans are the guerilla force fighting with scientific weapons as vaccines and financial relief, against the empire of Nature which has inexhaustible resources at its disposal.

Humans will get tired sooner or later and might eventually go with the dialectical solution*. Until then, the best personal action is to weather the storm.

*The alternative is a long attrition leading to prolonged suffering and mental health issues

So in line with the truth, it would be a sort of fakeness to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” when we already know that it won’t be merry nor happy relative to normal times. This is why it would be better to stoically give a new greeting: “Have a Strong Christmas and a Brave New Year!”

Have a Brave new year!