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June 29, 2019

In course of creating the new economic science, I’ve always wondered how false beliefs of the Marginal Revolution were able to formalize themselves into a science called Economics.

Without a doubt, it was the spirit of monopoly which originally invented and propagated this doctrine. Those who first taught it were by no means such fools as those who believed it. In every country, it is always the people’s interest to buy whatever they want the cheapest. This proposition is so very manifest that it is ridiculous to take any pains to prove it. It could never have been questioned had not the sophistry of merchants and manufacturers confounded the common sense of mankind. Their interest is directly opposite of the people’s interest. The Wealth of Nations
But, so that the sophists will not be able to exercise their superfluous subtleties, note that I do not thereby say that rectilinear motion can take place in an instant. Instead, I only say that all that is required to produce it is found in bodies in each instant that might be determined while they are moving, and not all that is required to produce circular motion. The World

So far, I’ve pointed it to the centralized educational system in prestigious schools. The students who were being educated in these schools did not find it in their interest to challenge the sophistry that was being fed to them by noted economists such as Alfred Marshall and Paul Samuelson. But what would give these economists their power over the minds of others?

The structure of private education is that it relies on contributions from wealthy individuals and not from the government. The ideas propagated by Marshall and Samuelson empowers the wealthy through their sophistry and so the wealthy return the favour by giving them high regard.

Who would be bold enough to intellectually challenge the prestige of Cambridge and Princeton in a time when there was no internet and publishing required a lot of time and money?

The current game changer is the empowerment given by the internet in both allowing a person to get and give information. No longer does society need to be fed information only from books, pamphlets, or teachings from experts from prestigious schools.

Nowadays, people can throw information up on the web and let others decide which is good and bad, thanks to search engines and social networks. It is now possible to learn technical skills from Youtube at the fraction of the cost and time as in a technical school.

The internet allows new educational models to be created which can have advantages over the monopolistic and expensive university system of the past. In this way, sophistry and false beliefs will have a much harder time of spreading themselves, and in contrast, good ideas that benefit people can spread faster.

In fact, the internet is the main method of how we push forward with Superphysics and spread its ideas and solutions, instead of getting bogged down trying to get it published in academic journals which have a blind belief on outdated assumptions from the 18th and 19th centuries.


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